Sunset Jazz Club Girona


July and August 2018

4th Jazz a la Fresca

thursday 12 July 9 PM and 10.30 PM



Mátyás Bartha piano

Mátyás Hofecker bass

Guillem Arnedo drums

The fourth edition of Jazz a la Fresca will be the most international so far, and we can count on the presence of some of the most outstanding young musicians of Europe and beyond. Máthyás Bartha is a Hungarian pianist established in Vienna, where he is consolidating a solid career as a soloist and accompanying first figures. An honor that he plays for the first time with his trio in Girona, with the Hungarian bassist Mátyás Hofecker and the Catalan drummer Guillem Arnedo.


thursday 5 July 9 PM and 10.30 PM



Livio Almeida sax

Albert Marquès piano

Manel Fortià bass

Zack O’Farril drums

In Girona the jazz does not stop in summer, and we will begin the fourth edition of our summer festival with a group of young talents established in New York. Livio Almeida is a great Brazilian saxophonist who will visit us for the first time to act with the Catalans Albert Marquès and Manel Fortià, and with the rhythmic support of Zack O'Farril, a member of a historical niche of Latin jazz percussionists in the city of skyscrapers We started it strong!


thursday 19 July 9 PM and 10.30 PM



Òscar Font vocals & trombone

Juli Aymí clarinet

Federico Mazzanti piano

Artur Regada bass

Òscar Font is a classic in the world of traditional jazz in our country, and in addition to its musical talent it is known for its scenic charisma. Attending a concert of his is guarantees  spending an entertaining night, smiling, listening to good music and learning a lot of things. You can not ask for more, come and enjoy it!


thursday 2 august 9 PM and 10.30 PM

Girona - Costa Brava Guitar Festival




Víctor Puertas vocal & harp

Òscar Rabadan guitar

Johnny Pedraza guitar

Oriol Fontanals bass

Reginald Vilardell drums

Despite being very far from the Mississippi Delta, Catalonia has traditionally been a very fertile land to grow blues. Among the artists linked to this exciting music, one of the most emblematic names is that of Víctor Puertas, a harmonicist, singer, pianist and organist who, with a restless spirit and a distinctive technical virtuosity, has won a pre-eminent place on the scene international of this genre.


thursday 26 July 9 PM and 10.30 PM

Festa Major del Barri de Sant Fèlix


Gypsy Jazz

Ema Jean vocal

Diego Mena guitar

Jacob Marcè guitar

Jon Unanua bass

With the summer cycle, we want to bring jazz to the streets, to infect the libertarian spirit of this style of music. Jazz is by itself a magical way to achieve freedom, but Gypsy jazz is even more so that is why we propose an evening devoted to the legacy of Django Reinhard, the most influential and breaking musician in the history of jazz from the old continent. Scaramouche are great disciples, do not miss them!


thursday 9 august 9 PM and 10.30 PM



Yago Vázquez piano

Pablo Menares bass

Rodrigo Recabarren drums

It is confirmed that New York is still a great center of attraction for the most interesting musicians in the global arena, as these young artists, who once there they create interesting projects to be presented in different international stages. Do not miss this trio, with a Galician pianist that we could listen to accompanying Jesse Davis, and an exceptional base of Chilean musicians. Current and urban jazz very vibrant.


thursday 16 august 9 PM and 10.30 PM



Cesc Adroher guitar

Txema Riera hammond

Ramon Prats drums

The Sunset would not be right without the resident musicians, and Movin’ Wes were one of them for many seasons, guaranteeing to the people of Girona that good live music could be heard on Mondays and Wednesdays for a handful of years. Now, this trio of old friends has recorded a disc that we really want to hear, and they will present it in this long awaited concert. Do not miss them!


thursday 23 august 9 PM and 10.30 PM



Paula Domínguez vocal

Vicenç Solsona guitar

Matías Míguez bass

Luis Alfonso Guerra percussion

Aire is one of the projects of the fantastic singer Paula Domínguez, who in this group finds a wonderful balance between the recitation of the lyrics of the songs, the energy of flamenco and the improvisation of jazz. We are very thankful having these talented musicians presenting their new work in our house!


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thursday 30 august 9 PM and 10.30 PM



Chino Swingslide vocal & guitar

Fede Salgado bass

Jake Klamburg drums

Chino is one of the main actors in the Barcelona live music scene. A very personal guitarist, with a slide guitar style, which includes both blues as swing or jazz manouche, he is unmistakable and exciting. With his band, The Big Bet, formed by Fede Salgado al bass and Jake Klamburg on drums, have already left a mark in theaters and festivals throughout Europe, and now they land in Girona to shake us strong!


saturday 14 July 10 PM

Extraordinary Concert!!!


Soul / R & B

Rogiers Fibby vocals and piano

Tom Warburton bass

Marc Ayza drums

It is not usual that during the summer we program concerts on the inner stage of the Sunset, but when exceptional artists such as Rogiers Fibby ask us to come and share their talents with us, the opportunity can not be missed. Rogiers is an extraordinary singer, pianist and producer, who has collaborated with figures such as Alicia Keys, and every time we have received him, he has impressed us with the authenticity of his art. We recommend making a previous reservation.

admission 12 euros

friday 21 september 10 PM

Festival Jacophonic


Tribute to Jaco Pastorius

Fréderic Monino bass

Olivier Ker Ourio harmonica

Emmanuel Bex organ

François Laizeau drums

Fréderic Monino is an incredible bassist and in France he is an institution and key player in the history of music, having worked with many of the great figures of all styles, from Juliette Greco to Sylvain Luc. As a soloist, he has always had the recognition of his colleagues, and his fame grew exponentially when he presented his album dedicated to Jaco Pastorius, with some arrangements that fascinated audiences and critics. For this concert will feature musicians who are the cream of the current French scene.

admission 15 euros

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saturday 22 september 10 PM

Festival Jacophonic


Latin Jazz

Guim G. Balasch sax

Vicenç Solsona guitar

Joan Monné piano

Santiago Acevedo bass

Marcio Ramírez percussion

Ramón Ángel Rey drums

The bassist and composer Santiago Acevedo, takes his musicians to an authentic experience of musical coexistence. In their new album 'La Travesía', jazz, Afro-Cuban music, Colombian folklore and song dialogue, with a result that enriches their individual virtuosity. This sextet of first swords, will present us a music that haves tastes from South America and smells of Barcelona. A cosmopolitan experience typical of the Catalan capital, with cultures and sounds that melt into each song, and with some resonant jacophony.

admission 10 euros

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